A New Community Of Strong Men

The Strong Men is a group of strong men who are working on improving both their physical & mental strength.

Every month there are TSM Events that members can attend of which there are FOUR different types!

1) Build
These are gym-based events that help men get to grips with resistance training in order to build their physical strength and confidence.

2) Lounge
Many men find themselves to be isolated. The Lounge is a social event that helps men meet others, catch up and have some fun too.

3) Step
This is a walk-and-talk event that gives the guys an opportunity to meet up, stretch their legs, and chat with each other.

4) Thrive
A self-development session that will cover a range of topics such as physical training, nutrition, mental health, and self-help strategies.

If you are interested in joining The Strong Men, please fill out the following Registration Form.

TSM Podcast

In addition to the group, there is also a podcast!

So often as men, in our attempts to be strong, we end up fragile, fake, and weak. And this is why The Strong Men Podcast is on a mission to redefine the strong man, to help men grasp true strength and work towards it… not just to keep them on this planet a little longer, but to help them thrive.

To do that, the show will introduce you to other strong men to give you a greater insight into what true strength and masculinity look like.

These inspirational insights and stories will help to eliminate the stigma and preconceived notions of strength that so often bring men down and prevent them from moving forward.

The podcast is currently available on both Spotify & Apple Podcasts.