Evidence suggests that mental health cannot be separated from physical health as the body and mind are interrelated; therefore, using exercise to promote mental wellbeing is highly recommended.

The Re-Vive Programme has been carefully designed to effectively bring about changes in both physical and mental health. The below section will provide detail on the Re-Vive programme and how it works.


The first step is to arrange a consultation.  If I’m honest, I dislike the word consultation as it sounds very formal. It’s more of an informal chat over a cup of coffee – the consultation is free and the coffee is on me.

During this chat, I will ask you some straightforward questions about your physical and mental health, current challenges, previous experiences, and future aspirations.

This will give me both an opportunity to begin to understand how I can best support you, as well as giving you an opportunity to ask any questions that you might have about the programme.

Re-Vive Resources

If you decide to go ahead and sign up, I will issue you with your own Re-Vive Handbook and set up a Google Sheet.

The Re-Vive Handbook is a practical resource that I will be encouraging you to use going forward. It contains a number of sections including goal setting, wellness action planning, and self-help exercises.

Your Google Sheet contains all of your data and training information, You will have access to the sheet and can access it online at any time.

There is also a free Re-Vive ebook that you can access by clicking here. The book provides valuable information on both physical and mental health and details a number of self-help methods that can be used to promote overall wellbeing.

Training Session Structure

The PT sessions run in cyclic blocks of four with each session having a particular focus. Each session begins with a brief mental health assessment or check-in before moving on to physical activity which forms the bulk of the session.

FanbikeWhen it comes to physical training, the sessions are carefully designed to reflect your needs, limitations, and goals. During sessions, we will occasionally use mindfulness techniques (such as focusing on your breathing or muscular contraction).

At the end of a cycle, we shall review assessment results and evaluate progress. This will help us determine whether or not any changes to your training or lifestyle are required to help promote your wellbeing further before beginning the next training cycle.

If you’d like to arrange a consultation or wish to sign up for The Re-Vive Programme, contact me directly.