How Does Coaching Work?

The service you received will be based on you, your goals and needs. To help me understand these things, we run through a coaching call.

In this call, having asked you a few questions, we will build the service that will get you the results you desire using the following features.

Coaching Features:
• 1-2-1 Sessions (in-person or online)
• Assessments (Physical and Mental)
• Community Support Group
• Comprehensive Training Programs
• Educational Materials
• Self-Help Handbook
• Nutrition Support
• Weekly Check-Ins

How Much Does Coaching Cost?

The cost of coaching is dependant on the features of your service which will determined in the coaching call.

Therefore, the cost per month will be calculated once the service has been built.

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Where Do Coaching Sessions Take Place?

In-person sessions take place at Energy Gym, Meggetland while online sessions are carried out over Zoom.

Booking your coaching sessions is quick and simple through Calendly.
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How Do I Enquire About Coaching?

If you would like to arrange a coaching call to discuss your options, please complete this form.

Alternatively, if you would like more information, contact me directly and will respond as soon as possible.

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